APP Initial Ideas – Mind Maps

To get a focus and a grasp of the direction I wanted to pursue, I drafted some very quick mind maps just to get everything down on paper. This gave me the opportunity to work divergently, and install Intelligent Fast Failure to refine my focus. The proportion of time weighted against the dissertation in terms of credits is much less, so it’s important to consider the time in which I have to do these tasks and create and effective solution to a problem of my creation.



Initially I felt quite anxious about the workload, however this quick process enabled me to settle the nerves and I had already started to narrow down my options. The next stage is to think about my direction further, and create my proposal or brief. This will include answering a series of questions that will eventually give me boundaries in which to explore in my chosen discipline. I will attempt to “chunk” my time and create a rough and realistic time schedule to account for my time spent on the project.