Thumbnail Sketches Of Memorials

As part on my development I sat down and sketched out some ideas for my memorial. This helped me visualise my ideas and plan around with what type I would position where.

I wanted the design to signify my life, and my interests. My ideas included a cup and a football, which shows my interest in sport. This links in with the quote that lies below my name, “A fun, loving, creative man with a passion for all things sport.

The sketches also helped me understand which elements should be exaggerated to be clear on the gravestone. There should be a clear hierarchy of importance in the text elements and hope to achieve this with my typeface choices, weights such as light, regular, bold, and black, and scale.


Scan 3.jpeg


Final Design – Group Ethics Poster

In this post I wish to show you our finished design for the group ethics poster project. Overall I felt we worked well as a team, and were able to bounce ideas off each other, with constructive criticism of each point. It helped that our own strengths as designers came out. I feel my strengths do lie in layout design and typography, were as the illustrative people in the group did a great job in visually communicating our points through the form of animals and other icons related to the environment and paper. The whole tone of the design is environmentally friendly, trying to get the audience to think about the issue.

Group Poster V2.jpg

Experimentation With Backgrounds and Final design – Caligram Design 2

After finishing my caligram, I went back to my original thumbnail sketches to see if I could add interest to the design. I wanted to use some sort of imagery that might aid the reader identify homer more easily. I watched an episode of the Simpsons and made a list of things that is synonymous with the character of Homer. This included:

The simpsons clouds- as seen in the opening titles, the clouds move away revealing springfield below

Doughnuts – Homers favourite snack

The Kwik-E Mart – Homer often visits the kwik-e mart to fuel his large appetite

The powerplant – Homers place of work

Scan 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.55.25Although i think it has the right connotations that Simpsons lovers would love, I think it distracts from the typeface and makes it harder for the type to really speak to the audience. For that reason, I chose to keep it on a white background, with my name featuringĀ at the bottom right of the page. This simplicity lets the character and typefaces really stand out, and you can just imagine it hanging on the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.09.21.png


Overall I’m happy with the design. I feel my typeface choice was overall quite effective, using contrast where possible. This will be my final design for submission. I hope they see the fun side to this and my experimentation with type interesting.