Shannon & Weaver

The model is specially designed to develop effective communication between receiver and sender. They found factors that would effect the communication process called “Noise”.

The model deals with various concepts like information source, transmitter, Noise, channel, message, receiver, channel, information destination, encode and decode.


Sender – Where the message originates/ the information source.

Encoder – The transmitter which converts the message into signals.

Note – The sender’s messages converted into signals lie waves or binary data which is compactable to transmit the message through cables or satellites. For example: In telephone the voice is converted into wave signals and it transmits through cables.

Decoder – the reception place of the signal which converts signals into message. A reverse process of encode.

Note – The receiver converts those binary data or waves into message which is comfortable and understandable for receiver. Otherwise receiver can’t receive the exact message and it will affect the effective communication between sender and receiver.

Note – Based on the decoded message the receiver their feed back to sender. If the message distracted by noise it will affect the communication flow between sender and receiver.

Noise – The messages are transferred from encoder to decoder through channel. During this process the messages may distracted or affected by physical noise like horn sounds, thunder and crowd noise or encoded signals may distract in the channel during the transmission process which affect the communication flow or the receiver may not receive the correct message.


Practical Example

Thomson made call to his assistant “come here I want to see you”.  During his call, noise appeared (transmission error) and his assistant received “I want” only. Again Assistant asked Thomson (feedback) “what do you want Thomson”.

Sender       :   Thomson

Encoder     :   Telephone (Thomson)

Channel     :   Cable

Noise          :   Distraction in voice

Reception  :   Telephone (Assistant)

Receiver     :   Assistant.

Due to transmission error or noise, Assistant can’t able to understand Thomson’s messages.

*The noise which affect the communication flow between them.