Dungeness Bomb Project – Good Design Evaluation

  • In what ways have you considered the sustainability of your project process and outcomes?

I thought this project was a great way to look at new landscapes and generate ideas. We were able to get out in the open and be creative, without being destructive to the environment. It was interesting to see the contrasting environments, and the weather played a big part in creating the mood. The postcards made in this project are one off pieces aiming to promote the area.

  • In what ways have you considered the ethical implications of your project process and outcomes?

The postcards might attract more visitors and therefore may destroy the local environment. They also may become litter if a lot sold, and would have a negative impact on the environment.

  • In sustainability and ethical terms in what ways was your work in this project an improvement or a backward step for you as a socially conscious designer?

I think this project has been great to make me a more socially conscious designer. Its enabled me to get outdoors and experience different environments. The images produced for the postcards are snapshots of my experience on that day.

  • What targets can you make at this point for your work in the future as a socially conscious designer?

I want to remember the open and free feeling when we were in Dungeness. The environment generated so many ideas, and we were able to relax and let our creativity shine. This could be used as a tool of inspiration for future projects.


Final Designs – Dungeness Postcards

After careful selection of my photography, I wanted to use simple but effect  way of identifying the area. I used a transparent box, with a scratched texture over the top to add interest. I also clipped the text to the background image, making it seem see-through, through the white transparent box.



To conclude on the project, I actually found it really interesting to be submersed into a different environment, whilst being able to see and and experience new sites. This is invaluable as a graphic designer, as it gives me inspiration for future projects, and encourages me to experience more and implement them into my designs.

Dungeness Bomb Project

We visited the RSPB in Dungeness, mainly to experience a different environment, but also to gather inspiration for not only this project, but future ones too. We were tasked with making a couple of postcards inspired by either illustrations of pictures we took in Dungeness. Whilst walking around, we were encouraged to keep noticing different species of birds, and also how quickly the mood and environment could change simply from the weather. There was an interesting contrast between the natural environment of the bird sanctuary, and the industrial power station site just across the water.

We also visited the lighthouse just up the road, which gave a really interesting and different perspective. Below are some of my best images, that I have edited in photoshop using the camera raw filter. I sorted through all my images, choosing images that had good composition, whilst also expressing the diverse nature of the landscape.