Charity – Good Design Evaluation

  • In what ways have you considered the sustainability of your project process and outcomes?

The majority of what will be sent out by the client will be screen based, keeping paper to a minimum. However, in future there are likely to be flyers and other marketing material that will be sent out to local residents. The creation of the logo was very sustainable, and the outcome will also have benefits to the local area.

  • In what ways have you considered the ethical implications of your project process and outcomes?

The project is giving my services for free to a local charity. They aim to do good for the local area, and feel that both during the process, and the outcomes I have come to are benefitting the area.

  • In sustainability and ethical terms in what ways was your work in this project an improvement or a backward step for you as a socially conscious designer?

I think this project has benefitted me the most in terms of developing my social consciousness as a designer. It has enabled me to work with the local community, and show empathy to their problem and providing an effective solution.

  • What targets can you make at this point for your work in the future as a socially conscious designer?

I want to be able to show my clients empathy and work with them closely in order to create the best outcome. In this project, I’ve found it hard to communicate with my client at times, and this may have hindered my process slightly. In future, I’d like to try and keep more regular contact, and extract more information from the client.


Charity – Final Designs

I worked with this charity throughout the year, creating brand identity for them so they are recognised & established in the local area.



I also worked on a small side project for the charity, branding a new local cafe.