APP Interim Crit

Today we had our interim crit for our chosen APP project, an opportunity to showcase our process so far, and our outcomes. Unlike previous crit’s we’ve had on the HND course, students were given a louder voice, and encouraged to give honest feedback provoking areas for improvement.

I found it interesting how everyone had adapted the brief to their strengths, or areas of interest with in design. The diversity of areas was really interesting to explore, and see where people have excelled, and where they may need improvement. This identification process, I feel, has further strengthened my ability to analyse artwork through the designers process. Ultimately, everyone has great ideas that they are very passionate about, however, as a designer I feel it’s really important to stay open to criticism and fresh ideas, as generally, they feature people you are attempting to target. For example, in my APP project, I’m using a skull as a symbol of mortality, whilst using a brush stroke effect with the tagline, “Don’t let smoking define you”. Tim prompted me to think about the characteristics of smoking, i.e, yellow fingers, dog breath, cancerous. A fellow classmate, Natasha, pointed out maybe some ash collecting under the tagline could be effective. Sancha and Tim also argued the cigarette needed to be more prominent. Although I may have created quite an eye catching piece of artwork, someone else argued it spoke a message of “coolness”, appealing to maybe a younger, rebellious audience.

All this feedback has been really useful, and has already sparked fresh ideas and prompted a slight change in direction on the car journey home. Over the weekend, whilst still fresh, I want to sketch out my ideas, hopefully strengthening my design as I move through the developmental part of my design process.

Here is a link to my APP interim Crit: APP_Crit