World Of Tanks – Final Designs

So here is the final design for my World of Tanks website. My presentation went down well, and I actually won the work experienced offered by the agency. I developed my web design skills throughout the week long project, following a strong design process which came to a good outcome. I liked how the design was interactive, and quite still and boring. I wanted to engage the audience, energising and exciting them about the game.




World Of Tanks – Professional Practice

I just want to touch on what I’ve learnt working with a big local design agency. It was a tough week, and I felt tired after working very hard. We had to present our ideas and concepts to representatives of the company. I was nervous to begin with, as although I was quite confident with my over all website design, I wasn’t so confident in my sketching ability, and almost felt embarrassed to show them what i’d produced on paper. They were very understanding but gave me advice on how I might work around my problem. They also say it’s not about the quality of the sketches, however the audience can quickly visualise an idea if its sketched out.

It was great to work with a real life brief, and enjoyed the web design aspect. There was a large scope for creativity within the design, and it was left up to us to generate ideas. They seemed genuinely quite impressed with my website. I just wish I’d been able to show them my story ideas more clearly.

This is important to note though when presenting ideas to clients in the future. I feel like it anchors what Im saying much more effectively than just words can.


World Of Tanks – Ideas & Sketches

To quickly visualise my ideas, I sketched out ideas in my sketch book to implement “Intelligent Fast Failure”. It also meant that I didn’t have to mock it up digitally, which would take a lot of time, and seeing as this is a short project, the ideas are key.

I started by looking at a narrative to run alongside the game, which will engage the reader, tapping into the human emotions of war. I also kept looking back at my research the gather ideas on layout and design.

One of my strongest ideas was to focus on a civilian angle, looking at how the destruction of war effects the local people. The idea was as you scroll down the page, the civilians rise up as their own clan and chase the other clans away.


World of Tanks Research

To generate ideas, I looked at other war games on the market to see how they engage the audience.

At the top of the home page, there is a clear navigation panel with allows the the user to easily navigate around the page. This is a very flat design, with not a lot of interaction with the audience to encourage them other than still graphics.

Screenshot 2017-03-01 16.37.54.png

Throughout the design there is a clear grid structure which changes the lower down the page you go. Interestingly, They start from large to small sections as they move down the page, so there is a clear hierarchy of the main tabs of the page.

Screenshot 2017-03-01 16.38.02.png

At the bottom of the page are small embedded videos  which the user can scroll through and get excited about further content of the game. This section is more for enthusiasts so is positioned towards the bottom of the page.

Screenshot 2017-03-01 16.38.23.png