Micro Projects

A few nights a week, I’ve been trying to find time to look at youtube to teach me something new, whether it be photoshop, illustrator, or after effects. Since starting a new design job, I feel I’m lacking in technical ability and need to strengthen my understanding of tools in all programs to move my work on to the next level, with more attention to detail.

Below are a few examples of my work:



Project X – Design Process

For our display, we wanted to created a banner and a graphic for the front page of the leaflet we intended to produce, which was light hearted and enticed the intended audience in. To do this, I felt a script font would be an appropriate choice of typeface as its informal tone lent itself well to the intended outcome. I wanted to convey the idea of fluidity, tying in with our theme, the ocean.

I started by descreasing the leading, the spacing between the characters, to give a fluid feel to the typeface.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.51.09

I then added a lighting effect to give directional light and shadows to the typeface. This would add a three dimensional feel to the typography, and a sense of realism. Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.02










I then started to think about the effect. I added a chrome style to the typeface, using a preset in the filter gallery. This was the beggining of the “fluid” style.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.09Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.13

I then added further shadow to the back of the typeface to give more realism and dimension.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.16

I then warped the text using a liquify filter to bulge the type were I felt appropriate, focusing the bulging on the bottom elements of the characters, and also where the characters joined. The end result, I felt, was quite effective.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.45

I then used the liquify filter again, using an image with multiple tones of blue, and warping the text to give a spiral effect. I added this with a soft light blending mode behind the text to further anchor the idea of the ocean. Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.05.49.png

Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.08.32Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.08.53

Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.13.27.png

APP – Typeface Considerations

My design will feature two parts of text. A statement, “Don’t let smoking define you” and a call to action. I’d like the statement to be bold, yet neutral, following research conducted on previous national health designs analysed in my research phase.

I looked at a series of different typefaces, thinking about the impact it would have on the intended audience, whilst also looking at the aesthetics of the typeface in conjunction with the tone of voice of my design.

Gill Sans – Although I think this typeface works, I feel the effectiveness could be enhanced by a different choice.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.06.30.png

Black Letter – An attempt to give a sinister feel to the design. However, the readability of the typeface is lost, and doesn’t fit with the modernity of the design.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.06.00.png

Final Choice – Gotham – I love how this fits in to the design. It’s neutrality was exactly what I was looking for, and looks very similar to other NHS posters already in existence.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.00.54.png

Chelsea Flower Show

I had the opportunity to work with a clients proposal for product of the year at Chelsea Flower Show this year. This involved me taking studio product shots and envolved in the design process for the application. The Leda and the Swan design stems from a Greek Myth. Sleek curves and dynamic design tell the story and is perfect for any size garden, big or small. Chilstone have sold two already for charity, raising a few thousand so far. Coverage of the show will be broadcast nationwide, so hopefully it will be on tv screens soon!






FMP – G.F Smith Paper Choices/Research & Swatch Book

One of my design considerations was to choose the material on which to print my book onto. I’ve attended two lectures in the past couple of years from G.F. Smith, who provide interesting and quality papers to the design industry. They gave us samples of particular papers, demonstrating how they can be used to the best of their abilities. I looked back at these samples and reminded myself. I also examined the G.F. Smith swatch book, which allowed me to feel the paper in different weights, and explore a wide variety of options.

I refined my choices to two paper stocks:

  • Heaven 42 – A “blue” shade of white. Originally designed for a luxury car company, Heaven 42 was designed to lift metallic objects of the paper.
  • Strathmore – Almost like cartridge paper, I really liked how the feel can change dramatically from the choice of paper stock. In contrast to Heaven 42, the shade of the paper is slightly duller. This may mean my vibrant colours may be lost slightly in the darker paper, and the ink looks to seep into the paper more.

In conclusion, I think my book would benefit from a clean feel to it. From previous experience working with isolated food product images, I often add a blue tint to the white background to get a purer white. This lifts the vibrant colours of the fresh food from the background, as opposed to a yellow shade which would imply dirtiness.





GIF Design

I created some business cards for the show, and to tie in with that, I also want to potentially have a display screen to add interest to my exhibition at the end of year show. I followed some tutorials on how to use timeline in photoshop, to create a flowing glowing effect, adjusting the hue of different layers and adding “tweens” to add motion. Although the image belowmay appear grainy, the screen should display the image seemlessly.Screenshot 2017-05-12 12.45.37.png


Branding Project – Gardening Client

I worked with local start-up gardening company with an experienced team of gardeners to create brand identity. I designed and created the website: bloomsgardening.co.uk whilst also designing a logo with direction from the client. This is going to be used across multiple platforms, so I created a logo suite of all the neccesary files they will need in various formats. I created basic brand guidelines highlighting what file can be used for what purpose.

  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • PNG