SEK Bomb Project – Final Design PDF

Below is a link to the final PDF I created for the SEK exhibition banner.




On the whole, I’ve found this project quite interesting. It’s allowed me to apply my print design skills in a corporate context, something that I’m familiar with from previous industry experience. Although there are very few text elements, this was a conscious design decision to not try and crowd the display too much. Less is certainly more in this project. I simply extracted the key information and presented it in an aesthetically pleasing, corporate manner.


SEK Bomb Project – Mockups

I’ve recently been working on my presentation skills, trying to sell an idea or concept to a client. In the previous project, we looked at loads of different ways to be creative when presenting, and I wanted to continue to develop this skill in this project.

My plan was to create a small PDF outlining my process, starting with a mood board of everything I had looked at to gather design inspiration from. This gives the client an idea of the path I took to get to my end resolution.

I also wanted to show how the display would look like in real world context. I took to the internet to find some appropriate scenarios that could help me. I wanted to visually demonstrate how the banner would work at the exhibition, showing a silhouette of characters standing in front of the display, and a small table that would be positioned in front of the banner.


Below are the completed mockups to present to the client:

SEK mockup 1Mockup_display_sek

SEK Bomb Project – Design Process

The first thing I did after creating the document in illustrator was to drop in the specifications on to a separate layer for the banner. This allowed me to see where information could be hidden by the curvature of the display. The important information naturally gravitates towards the centre, creating a focal point to design with in. Screenshot 2018-03-06 11.34.09.png

Putting this guide on a separate layer allowed me to tweak the transparency and hide it if necessary, to make sure everything was aligned correctly and visible to the audience.

After a few tweaks to layout and alignment, I arrived at my final outcome as seen below.


SEK Bomb Project – Initial Ideas & Sketches

From my research, I had all these different ideas floating around in my head, but to understand how the elements would work as a composition, I quickly sketched out basic shapes visualise the space I would have to work with. This initially presented a few problems. From sketching the idea out, it highlighted the fact that part of the display would be hidden by a small table, and people talking in front of the display. This was important to consider when laying each element out, making it easy from the design to be read despite these obstacles.

This lead me to think about the boldness of the relevant and important parts of information. It needed to be clear and readable, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing to the intended audience.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 11.25.37.png

Using the heaviest variation of the typeface, I highlighted key parts of the title, using an in-line approach to give more readability and interest to the banner.

SEK Bomb Project – Mood Board

After receiving the brief from the client, I reviewed all the information in the written brief and my own notes from the clients presentation. So key points I jotted down myself were:

  • Professionalism
  • Corporate
  • High Quality
  • Interesting
  • Eye Catching
  • Display Information Clearly
  • White Banner To Stay at Top of Banner

Before jumping into sketches, I took to Pinterest to create a mood board to isolate the tone I wanted my design to convey.Screenshot 2018-03-06 11.02.47.png

This gave me an idea about professional, corporate design. From this initial research, it has sparked loads of ideas that I want to show in my next post about sketches. This will allow me to quickly visualise the design and make adjustments to layout as I seem appropriate.