APP – Typeface Considerations

My design will feature two parts of text. A statement, “Don’t let smoking define you” and a call to action. I’d like the statement to be bold, yet neutral, following research conducted on previous national health designs analysed in my research phase.

I looked at a series of different typefaces, thinking about the impact it would have on the intended audience, whilst also looking at the aesthetics of the typeface in conjunction with the tone of voice of my design.

Gill Sans – Although I think this typeface works, I feel the effectiveness could be enhanced by a different choice.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.06.30.png

Black Letter – An attempt to give a sinister feel to the design. However, the readability of the typeface is lost, and doesn’t fit with the modernity of the design.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.06.00.png

Final Choice – Gotham – I love how this fits in to the design. It’s neutrality was exactly what I was looking for, and looks very similar to other NHS posters already in existence.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.00.54.png


APP – Skull Creation

I chose the tagline “Don’t let smoking define you” as my theme for my APP design. It allows the audience to understand that the habitual nature of smoking takes over your life, and defines you as a person through its negative attributes such as smell and taste.

I recently watched a youtube video for pleasure, where they used the find edge tool in photoshop to create a smoke-like effect. I was really keen to try this myself, so using an image taken of a skull, I did so.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 15.18.14Screenshot 2017-12-11 15.24.21.png

I wanted to give the impression that the skull character had been defined, and my idea was to use a brush stroke effect, as if someone had consciously made this character from smoking.

Using another effect in photoshop, I created the brush stroke effect as seen below.


APP – Sourcing Images

Following feedback from my interim crit, I started to think about the negative implications of smoking, and how this may be visually illustrated to my audience in the medium of shock advertising. Some of the things I thought about were as follows:

  • Dog breath
  • Yellow/ stained teeth & fingers
  • Stale smell
  • Mortality
  • Fag butts
  • Dullness/ drabness
  • Habitual

I thought dog breath would be an interesting and unique way to shock my audience in to thinking about factors they may not realise whilst smoking.

My plan was to improve the my original design by giving the skull further negative characteristics, encouraging my audience to understand how smoking is perceived by non-smokers.

I took these images of my dog, Harvey, and want to attempt to mould a portion of his face to the skull.WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 11.10.09 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 11.10.09 PM(1)WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 11.25.40 PM

In the next stage, I wish to demonstrate skills in photoshop, merging the face of my dog to the skull I had already made. IĀ envisage a few problems potentially getting the proportions to match up, however, I may be able to correct this using the warp tool in photoshop. It may also be difficult to blend the to together, but again I will try and rectify this using blending modes and layer masks.

APP – Past Project Inspiration

I looked back at some of the previous projects to draw inspiration from for the APP module. One that struck a cord was a digital paint-over technique I learnt when working at Lightmaker on work experience during the summer. Adam, the creative director, spent time showing me how to quickly transform images to sell an idea. It’s always important to bare in mind time constraints of a project, and none more so than this APP module. Since we’ve had the brief, I’ve been worried that working on my dissertation will take up the majority of my time, whilst also balancing my freelance work and starting a new job soon! This method allows me to quickly alter an image to produce a counter argument to smoking.

Below are before and after images of a 3D character. The brief was open to my interpretation, allowing me to take the character in any direction I fancied.



I’ve found this retrospectively incredibly useful for the basis of my APP project. It’s allowed me to recap on some really vital fundamentals of photoshop. It’s also made me to be conscious of time constraints, and also thinking about texture to lift my design from a flat 2D image. I wish to implement this in my own design, using symbols of death to evoke negative feelings to my intended audience.

APP – Testing Ideas

Following my ideas and sketches, I started to implement ideas in a digital design, testing ideas visually. At this stage, I’m not worried about producing the finished product first time, but simply having fun and creative, implementing intelligent fast failure. This will give me the chance to discard redundant ideas quickly, and move forward with ideas that may work.

My intended theme is to create a link between smoking and mortality. My research has lead me to use signifiers such as skulls, bullet holes, guns and other symbols of death. Composition is something that I struggle with on projects like this, so trial and error is always a massive part of the development stage in my design process.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 10.57.13

Using what I had learnt during my work experience, I started to look at blending techniques to merge smoke to signifiers, such as images of skulls and a guns. Also, I’ve been fearful of working on multiple layers on previous projects, however, I’ve understood the importance of layering to create a complex image. Using images of textures and paint-over techniques, I aim to create an exaggerated illusion of the negative impact of smoking in the form of shock advertising.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 10.57.37

FMP – G.F Smith Paper Choices/Research & Swatch Book

One of my design considerations was to choose the material on which to print my book onto. I’ve attended two lectures in the past couple of years from G.F. Smith, who provide interesting and quality papers to the design industry. They gave us samples of particular papers, demonstrating how they can be used to the best of their abilities. I looked back at these samples and reminded myself. I also examined the G.F. Smith swatch book, which allowed me to feel the paper in different weights, and explore a wide variety of options.

I refined my choices to two paper stocks:

  • Heaven 42 – A “blue” shade of white. Originally designed for a luxury car company, Heaven 42 was designed to lift metallic objects of the paper.
  • Strathmore – Almost like cartridge paper, I really liked how the feel can change dramatically from the choice of paper stock. In contrast to Heaven 42, the shade of the paper is slightly duller. This may mean my vibrant colours may be lost slightly in the darker paper, and the ink looks to seep into the paper more.

In conclusion, I think my book would benefit from a clean feel to it. From previous experience working with isolated food product images, I often add a blue tint to the white background to get a purer white. This lifts the vibrant colours of the fresh food from the background, as opposed to a yellow shade which would imply dirtiness.





FMP – Disintegration Effect Photoshop

One effect I’ve always been fascinated with is disintegration of an isolated subject. My title for my book is “Food For Thought” and I feel this gives me scope to use my creativity on the front cover of the book. The idea I want to get across to my audience is thinking about the food we eat. I feel the disintegration effects signifies the digestion process of the food, whilst also being dynamic as a piece of art.

I selected an image of a strawberry, attempting to symbolise healthy eating.Screenshot 2017-05-08 15.41.57

I created a new layer, and made a selection around the whole strawberry, without the shadow. I saved the path but kept the selection, and cut the strawberry onto a new layer. I filled the selection with white. Using the paint brush tool I then painted everything other than the shadow pure white, then selected the image, copied it, and pasted it onto an alpha channel. I created a fresh new layer and loaded the selection, and finally filled it white black.

Screenshot 2017-05-08 15.42.20

I created a new layer with the cut strawberry, and used the used the liquify tool to stretch the colours out, giving me space to create the disintegration effect. I created a layer mask, filling it with black to hide it for the moment..

Screenshot 2017-05-08 15.42.46

On another cut strawberry layer, I started to use scatter brushes to “chop” into the strawberry, which will allow space for the effect to show.

Screenshot 2017-05-08 15.44.10

On the liquified layer, I used more scatter brushes to reveal more of the layer mask.Screenshot 2017-05-08 15.44.22

The Final Pieces..

Screenshot 2017-05-08 15.44.26.png