FMP – App Scamp Sketchs

I was eager to jump straight into the digital design, feeling excited to learn the new software, Sketchapp. However, I wanted to plan the users journey through my app. I wanted to quickly plot ideas down on paper, so I could make any changes quickly. Although very rough, I know exactly what I wanted to get from each screen, showing features of the app that allows personalisation. The first screens allow the user to create an account. Each screen asks questions to allow the app to learn about the user, and target content according to their interests, gender, shoe size, and availability.

Moving through, I want to show how the shoe could be personalised, showing a blank canvas shoe, in white, and a customised shoe. This first screen has to entice the user, so I intend to show a large shoe, drawing the focus to the vibrant, exciting shoe.




FMP – Rough Storyboarding – Promotional Video

In my mind, I already knew how I wanted to compose the promotional video I intended to produce, but before I dive into the digital design, I wanted to create a rough plan for each screen, considering the user journey and experience.

This allowed me to test compositions quickly, and also gives me something to refer to if I get confused or lost during the digital design process.

Below is an image of the sketches I produced:

APP Initial Ideas – Mind Maps

To get a focus and a grasp of the direction I wanted to pursue, I drafted some very quick mind maps just to get everything down on paper. This gave me the opportunity to work divergently, and install Intelligent Fast Failure to refine my focus. The proportion of time weighted against the dissertation in terms of credits is much less, so it’s important to consider the time in which I have to do these tasks and create and effective solution to a problem of my creation.



Initially I felt quite anxious about the workload, however this quick process enabled me to settle the nerves and I had already started to narrow down my options. The next stage is to think about my direction further, and create my proposal or brief. This will include answering a series of questions that will eventually give me boundaries in which to explore in my chosen discipline. I will attempt to “chunk” my time and create a rough and realistic time schedule to account for my time spent on the project.

FMP – Scamping Pages – Food For Thought

After gathering research from other cook book layouts, I took to pencil and paper to visualise how I might layout my design in an appealing way to my audience. I intend to include infographics on my spreads, which may change the layout, but at this stage it’s interesting to just experiment and enjoy working out where elements may be presented to my target audience.

It’s also a vital stage in the planning of the photography, where I will need to select product in which to take to the photography studio to isolate. I also want to incorporate some lifestyle images too, showing off the recipe in it’s best light. My next stage is to make lists of all the products I want to shoot, and then think about angles and different shots/styles.