Micro Projects

A few nights a week, I’ve been trying to find time to look at youtube to teach me something new, whether it be photoshop, illustrator, or after effects. Since starting a new design job, I feel I’m lacking in technical ability and need to strengthen my understanding of tools in all programs to move my work on to the next level, with more attention to detail.

Below are a few examples of my work:



Project X – Design Process

For our display, we wanted to created a banner and a graphic for the front page of the leaflet we intended to produce, which was light hearted and enticed the intended audience in. To do this, I felt a script font would be an appropriate choice of typeface as its informal tone lent itself well to the intended outcome. I wanted to convey the idea of fluidity, tying in with our theme, the ocean.

I started by descreasing the leading, the spacing between the characters, to give a fluid feel to the typeface.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.51.09

I then added a lighting effect to give directional light and shadows to the typeface. This would add a three dimensional feel to the typography, and a sense of realism. Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.02










I then started to think about the effect. I added a chrome style to the typeface, using a preset in the filter gallery. This was the beggining of the “fluid” style.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.09Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.13

I then added further shadow to the back of the typeface to give more realism and dimension.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.16

I then warped the text using a liquify filter to bulge the type were I felt appropriate, focusing the bulging on the bottom elements of the characters, and also where the characters joined. The end result, I felt, was quite effective.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 20.48.45

I then used the liquify filter again, using an image with multiple tones of blue, and warping the text to give a spiral effect. I added this with a soft light blending mode behind the text to further anchor the idea of the ocean. Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.05.49.png

Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.08.32Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.08.53

Screenshot 2018-02-05 21.13.27.png

APP – Final Design

So here is the final design alongside the slides for the end of project crit. Although it’s been difficult to manage time alongside the dissertation, I feel this has allowed me to put into practice what I’ve learnt about advertising during the past couple of months. I was skeptical at the beggining about how a written essay would enhance my work, however this is proof that it genuinely has, and has made me think about advertising in a different light.



World Of Tanks – Final Designs

So here is the final design for my World of Tanks website. My presentation went down well, and I actually won the work experienced offered by the agency. I developed my web design skills throughout the week long project, following a strong design process which came to a good outcome. I liked how the design was interactive, and quite still and boring. I wanted to engage the audience, energising and exciting them about the game.




KSA – Final Designs

I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the project and display my final designs. I felt like I fulfilled the brief, showing subtle signifiers to attract the target audience. I tried to add dynamism by adding a banner shape, with a “back to school” feel about it. To tie eveything together, I used two colours in red and blue, “quintessentially British”. I produced guidelines for the client, showing colour values and typefaces used.

Overall I would say the project was a success. I feel that I’ve developed further skills in connotation and denotation, with focus on semiotics and understanding the contrast in target audiences.



Summer Brief – Final Designs

My idea was to create a match day program for a local football team. I created biographies of the players, and showed their journey to the final. I also re-designed their logo, to give it a more contemporary feel.


Double Page Spreads_22Double Page Spreads_23Double Page Spreads_24Double Page Spreads_25

I also created two more spreads, just from events that I had been to and drew inspiration from. One being the track cycling event at the Olympic Park, London. The other was a day out at the British GT Championships, where I was able to get close enough to the young stars in their cars, and capture some great shots.

Double Page Spreads_26Double Page Spreads_27


I’ve enjoyed this brief. It’s enabled me to use my creativity and work in areas that I enjoy, for example, sport. This project kept my mind active during the summer period, and I was able to play around with techniques and ideas, taking tutorials in my spare time to strengthen my design capabilities.