FMP – Proposal

In this post, I want to outline my proposal for my final major piece of the year.

Throughout this year, I’ve learnt a huge amount about advertising in my dissertation, and learnt new skills in typography, layout design, web design, and animation. With this in mind, I want to try and push myself to do something that I’ve not done in great detail. At this stage, my ideas are fairly embryonic. I intend to use Sketch App, to hopefully design screens that will build an app in Invision. I also want to create strong brand identity, which will include choosing the name and creating a suitable logo that will entice my target audience.

Below is a link to my FMP proposal.

Creative Brief


FMP Proposal

We were given an “open brief”, which gives us the opportunity to showcase what we’ve learnt this year, and be creative with our own interests. My strengths lie in food photography, and feel like I have a wide knowledge of products and experience in digital food layout design for a well known national food wholesaler/distributor.

I began to think about how I might display my skills as a piece of design, identifying “problems” or gaps in the market in which I could be creative. I listed some ideas and chose the one most interesting and appropriate for the brief.

My proposal:

Who are we talking to?

Adults aged between 18-60 interested in improving their health.


The book is to be produced for the sale in book stores and major retailers around the world.

What is the USP?

The market is saturated with “healthy cook books” but how does the consumer know what a balanced diet is? Current healthy cook books and diet plans just tell you what to eat with out educating the consumer on what a balanced diet consists of.

How do we want to come across?

The tone of voice should be soft and inviting, but with powerful photography to entice the consumer.

What is already in the market?

There are loads of different healthy cook books out there, but none educate the consumer on what a balance diet consists of.

What are the deliverables?

Possibly a multiple page book/ or equivalent digital mock ups.