FMP – Scamping Pages – Food For Thought

After gathering research from other cook book layouts, I took to pencil and paper to visualise how I might layout my design in an appealing way to my audience. I intend to include infographics on my spreads, which may change the layout, but at this stage it’s interesting to just experiment and enjoy working out where elements may be presented to my target audience.

It’s also a vital stage in the planning of the photography, where I will need to select product in which to take to the photography studio to isolate. I also want to incorporate some lifestyle images too, showing off the recipe in it’s best light. My next stage is to make lists of all the products I want to shoot, and then think about angles and different shots/styles.



Bomb Project – Ideas & Sketches

After my initial research, I began to roughly sketch out how I might compose elements associated with both the words “Kent Sales Academy”. Abbreviated, the words spell KSA, which may give the design balance and also stand out, whilst also giving the brand strong identity. As the purpose of the Academy is to benefit two parties, I’ve tried to highlight this with strong balance and symmetry to show equal reward.

Below are just rough ideas gathered from the research gathered:


World Of Tanks – Ideas & Sketches

To quickly visualise my ideas, I sketched out ideas in my sketch book to implement “Intelligent Fast Failure”. It also meant that I didn’t have to mock it up digitally, which would take a lot of time, and seeing as this is a short project, the ideas are key.

I started by looking at a narrative to run alongside the game, which will engage the reader, tapping into the human emotions of war. I also kept looking back at my research the gather ideas on layout and design.

One of my strongest ideas was to focus on a civilian angle, looking at how the destruction of war effects the local people. The idea was as you scroll down the page, the civilians rise up as their own clan and chase the other clans away.


Thumbnail Sketches Of Memorials

As part on my development I sat down and sketched out some ideas for my memorial. This helped me visualise my ideas and plan around with what type I would position where.

I wanted the design to signify my life, and my interests. My ideas included a cup and a football, which shows my interest in sport. This links in with the quote that lies below my name, “A fun, loving, creative man with a passion for all things sport.

The sketches also helped me understand which elements should be exaggerated to be clear on the gravestone. There should be a clear hierarchy of importance in the text elements and hope to achieve this with my typeface choices, weights such as light, regular, bold, and black, and scale.


Scan 3.jpeg

Experimentation With Backgrounds and Final design – Caligram Design 2

After finishing my caligram, I went back to my original thumbnail sketches to see if I could add interest to the design. I wanted to use some sort of imagery that might aid the reader identify homer more easily. I watched an episode of the Simpsons and made a list of things that is synonymous with the character of Homer. This included:

The simpsons clouds- as seen in the opening titles, the clouds move away revealing springfield below

Doughnuts – Homers favourite snack

The Kwik-E Mart – Homer often visits the kwik-e mart to fuel his large appetite

The powerplant – Homers place of work

Scan 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.55.25Although i think it has the right connotations that Simpsons lovers would love, I think it distracts from the typeface and makes it harder for the type to really speak to the audience. For that reason, I chose to keep it on a white background, with my name featuringĀ at the bottom right of the page. This simplicity lets the character and typefaces really stand out, and you can just imagine it hanging on the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.09.21.png


Overall I’m happy with the design. I feel my typeface choice was overall quite effective, using contrast where possible. This will be my final design for submission. I hope they see the fun side to this and my experimentation with type interesting.


Further Development

After looking at my research, I started to make decisions about the materials I would use to create the shoe, and what impact it might have on the environment.

As previously mentions, cork is a very versatile material, and could defiantly be utilized in this project. I also think hemp would make a good natural alternative to synthetic material that pollute the environment all along the materials economy.





Poster Design Thumbnail Sketches

I wanted to clearly communicate my message of sustainability, but show it in a way that would challenge the audience to think about the over riding issue of the planet. I came up with two key signifiers which I think will help me. One being the planet, as this is what sustainability is all about, and the other being electricity, or lightening bolts to signify electricity. Below are a few variations of what I came up with. I think they would communicate the desired messages well and the audience would instantly know what the shoe did.