FMP Research – Photography

Something that I’ve noticed in recent projects I have worked on, such as the fruit distribution client, and the exhibition “Staples” at the Design Museum London, Is shooting from directly above the subject can add a 3 dimensional feel. When we visited the Design Museum, the designer had simply shot very simple, basic staple foods indivually, and blew them up on a white background. The key to the effect however, is the lighting and position of the camera. The shadow cast below the objects is a consequence of the lighting above. I’ve practiced this myself with the fruit factory client, and the results on paper really pop out of the page.

Related imageImage result for staples design museum

Related imageRelated image

Whilst also looking at grid layouts, I stubbled across this really interesting blog, showing how to use the tools in Indesign to maximise the grid structure layout and design for a cookbook. In their demonstration, they also display ingredients shot from above, with shadow cast. My photoshop skills have developed over the past year or so, and I understand how to use alpha channels in Photoshop in order to preserve shadow. I want to use this technique in my final piece. So in conclusion, I have made a design decision based on my research, knowledge, and digital design capabilities. 6_Step-7.jpg


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