FMP – The Issue, Child Obesity

As part of my research, I wanted to look at how food companies advertise their products to entice the younger demographic.

The main example that springs to mind is Macdonald’s. I recently watched the film ‘The Founder” which tells the story behind the founder of the company. The story that’s told shows what the vision for the restaurant was, with high emphasis on making the customer happy. “Happy Meals” were introduced, implying the customer will feel happy after eating the meal.

There advertising glorifies the food, showing images that are doctored to show the product in it’s best light. In reality, when the customer opens the burger, it’s very unlikely that the product will appear like this. This can be seen on their menu’s, showing large burgers shot from below, creating a halo effect, further encouraging the customer to buy the product.


Image result for mcdonald's fresh beef campaign

As you can see from the image above, all the elements of the burger are visable, with nothing falling out of the burger and displayed in an appealing manner.

“Fresh Campaign”

Over the years, there have been many rumours surrounding the quality of meat used in their restaurants. To counteract these claims, Macdonalds implemented a strong and direct campaign, with the idea to illustrate where the raw product comes from. “We only use British and Irish beef in our burgers.” This was demonstrated with TV ads, showing cows roaming wild around a large field grazing in the British country side. This purposeful placement encourages the idea that the product is “Fresh” and therefore has healthy connotations.


Macdonalds Logo

The logo was designed to resemble “a pair of nourishing breasts.” The customer would unconsciously recognise the symbol, and therefore be attracted to the brand. Despite whether this was true or not, the Macdonalds logo is one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Colour Scheme

Macdonalds use the colour palette of red and yellow. Yellow is the most visible colour in daylight, which means “The Golden Arches” can be seen from miles away, therefore creating instant brand recognition. Red is also used, and not only by Macdonalds. The theory behind using this colour is that it revs up people’s appetites, making them hungry, which in turn encourages the customer to enter the store and buy the product.



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