FMP Research – Ugly Food


Last year when we visited the exhibition “designs of the year” at the design museum in it’s old location, I remember a piece of design, that educated people that ugly fruit tastes no different to “perfect fruit” that is sold to us in the supermarket. The stigma started from the supermarkets, who give strict guidelines on what fruit and vegetables are acceptable to and what isn’t. Over time, it has warped the publics perception of what is acceptable for human consumption, however there is nothing wrong with “ugly food’, it’s just misshapen or has natural blemishes that don’t impact on the taste of the product.

This poster campaign tries to raise awareness of the issue, showing the “ugly fruit” in it’s best light, glorifying the fruit. This is evident in the lighting and background that is used on the posters below. Interestingly, the fruit is isolated on a white background, giving a clean and fresh feel to the design. As you can see from the apple below, the fruit is very mishapen, however the use of lighting gives the apple more depth and interest, combating the mass perception that this type of fruit shouldn’t be sold and ignored. There is uniformity throughout the designs, with text positioned

Clever captions such as “in a soup who cares” directly asks the audience the question, “what is wrong with the ugly carrot if it can’t be seen?


The typography used is very neutral, and the colour links to the text to the main subject of each poster. There is contrast evident through the different weight and point sizes used of the typeface, showing a hierarchy of information.designs-of-the-years-its-nice-thatDOTY2_ITM_PRESS_3.Ugly-Carrot.jpg


Looking at these poster designs has given me loads of inspiration for my own designs, encouraging me to “glorify the food and show it in it’s best light, despite its appearence. I also like how the colour schemes link with the main subject too, linking the text information and the subject itself together. I will take this inspiration forward into the design stage of my cook book.


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