FMP – Student Dialogue for Ideas Generation

I’d hit a mental block in my ideas generation and started to feel a bit overwhelmed and lost. To get back on track, I spoke to a friend at college to get an outside perspective about what areas I could explore to enhance my knowledge in the research. This was a really good exercise to generate ideas, as I’m not limiting my self to what’s in my own head.

We discussed the following topics, which has prompted me to explore them further and will do so in future blogs:

  • How do designers manipulate the audience into buying a product (Food Porn)
  • Food Presentation
  • Junk food vs Good food
  • Grid Layouts In Cook Books
  • Typography
  • Target Audience
  • Budget vs High End Restaurants

I think if I explore these topics I will gain control of the issue and be able to convey the appropriate message in my design to my audience. I’m also undecided about which specific subject I want to tackle, whether it be portion control depending on sex (Male or Female), or another issue surrounding healthy dieting.



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