FMP Research – Infographics

I want to take the opportunity to look at some infographics and pick them apart to identify what works well in the design and what doesn’t. I also want to reflect on how effectively the visual representation is communicated to me (the audience). There will almost certainly be useful parts that I can move forward with when generating ideas for my healthy dieting book.

The first infographic I looked at was initially very striking, with the use of bright orange being the prominent colour. The infographics are clear and easily distinguishable, which anchors the text aligned to it. However, I don’t like how text heavy this infographic is. It means the reader has to read much further to understand the full point.


I love how the heading is clear, and is also coloured green. This shows healthy connotations, aiding the audience to understand the purpose of the design quickly. The colour green also is linked by a visual illustration of broccoli loosely aligned to the right. Although the infographics are interesting, I don’t feel like they necessarily relate food unless the audience reads further. However I do like how the diagram below the title links colours with the text so the audience can quickly identify what is being illustrated by the chart. I also like how the designer has used an area in the centre of the artwork for the information to be contained it. The layer is slightly opaque, so visuals of health foods placed behind this layer gives depth and adds aesthetic appeal.


I chose to look at this poster as I thought it was an interesting topic to show what is actually in a McDonalds Big Mac. It might make an interesting comparison to healthy eating, whilst breaking up the large amounts of information. The colour scheme is of the McDonald’s brand which ties everything together.I also like how the burger is the main subject positioned in the centre of the page. To add interest the designer has added shadow to create a more dynamic 3D design. However, the poster is very text heavy, and could be laid out it a more interesting way, perhaps made into a shape of a clock.



I’ve drawn some interesting ideas from these posters and want to move forward with sketches and designs of my own for my pages. I’ve dissected the designs and picked out key elements that I find intersting


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