Framing My Shots

Before taking the camera out, I just want to look further how framing my shots can have different effects to the audience.

Framing is a technique used by photographers to draw attention to a subject by blocking other parts of an image.

The Benefits 

  • Giving the image context
  • Giving images a sense of depth with layers
  • Leading the eye towards your main focal point
  • Exciting the audience

Frames come in all shapes and sizes, and can include shooting through branches, tunnels & windows or even people. The question the photographer must ask them self is ‘will this add to or take away from the image’. If it adds, then consider leaving the frame. However if it subtracts from the image, then frame your shot differently.

Also consider whether the frame should be in focus or not. In some cases, a nice blurred frame will add depth and mood to the shots. So consider the aperture value to manipulate the depth of field.


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