Black and White Photography Research

I wanted to look at black & white photography in more depth to distinguish key components that I can take and use in my own work.

The image below shows a close up of a Lion. The framing draws the audiences eye to the cats eyes, and the gaze engages the reader. The image is sharp and in focus, with ever hair giving texture and clarity. I love the contrast between black and white, which adds interest to the design.



This image has an “infrared” effect, as if it was shot at night. This is something to consider with my design, as I plan to use an infrared effect to imply the image was shot at night.


I like how direct the position of the cat is. The focus again is on the eyes, drawing the reader into the cats gaze and engaging them further. The black background gives good contrast to the black and white cat. The image has been taken with a low f-stop value, as you can see the shallow depth of field as the cats body leads off into the distance.



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