Magazine Grid Layouts – Research

To strengthen my knowledge of layouts, I wanted to refresh my memory and delve deeper into grid layouts, and how a hierarchy importance of an article can me maximised using grids.

Golden Section

A relationship between two numbers that has been used in Western art and architecture for more than 2000 years.

The formula for the golden section is a : b = b : (a+b).


This means that the smaller of two elements (such as the shorter side of a rectangle) relates to the larger element in the same way that the larger element relates to the two parts combined. In other words, side a is to side b as side b is to the sum of both sides. Expressed numerically, the ratio for the golden section is 1 : 1.618.

It is supposed to be the most natural spot to place an image, as the readers eye sits most naturally on this point.

Single Column Grids

Screenshot 2017-01-10 11.15.32.pngThis is the most simplest for of grid design. I consists of a single column of text contained by margins. This is quite unappealing and is rarely used in design

Multi Column Grids

This provides flexibility whilst also keeping a strong backbone to the design. It helps to divide the hierarchy of articles by balancing text and imagery. It creates zones in which content can sit comfortably in, and overall more aesthetically pleasing.






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