Sourced Images – Conspiracy Theories

After conducting my extensive research into photography and gathering all my inspiration. I took my new camera out around surrounding countryside hotspots in Kent & Sussex. One of the most interesting outings was to Bewl Water Reservoir over the holiday period. It was freezing cold and darkness was about to descend, perfect for a spooky misty scene.

Screenshot 2017-01-09 11.04.32.pngscreenshot-2017-01-09-11-06-11screenshot-2017-01-09-11-05-57screenshot-2017-01-09-11-05-47screenshot-2017-01-09-11-05-33screenshot-2017-01-09-11-05-16screenshot-2017-01-09-11-05-05screenshot-2017-01-09-11-04-50

I took all the shots in camera raw as opposed to jpeg to make sure all the tonal data is maintained and not compressed like a jpeg would. This will enable me to further manipulate the colours in the post production process.

I also played around with the exposure time, attempting to create motion blur from a low shutter speed.

I also managed to locate a fantastic bronze statue that will be great for my final piece. I went over to Chilstone in Fordcombe, Tunbridge Wells. I took multiple images various angles to make sure I had loads to chose from in post production. I made sure if anything, I underexposed as opposed to over exposing the subject. I did this because it’s easier to get detail back from the shadows, rather than reducing the highlights and overexposed areas.



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