Testing Conspiracy Theories

To make sure my images attempt to “prove” a conspiracy theory, I found this interesting article outlining how to prove or disprove a conspiracy theory. This will help me strengthen my argument to my audience, as I will have better knowledge of the persuasive effects my imagery might have.

Ingredients for Conspiratorial Thinking

These theories attempt to connect dots between random events, and turn them into meaningful patterns that generate fear and confusion from what the widely believed theory is. In addition to this, the viewer constantly tests for confirmation of the theories legitimacy, looking for clues based on their existing knowledge. Hindsight also plays an important role in the make up of a conspiracy theory. The view compares the theory to the after the fact explanation given by a group of people or establishment.

There are many other factors that encourage conspiracy theories such as:

  • Group Identity
  • Political Ideologies
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Age
  • Education

Conspiracy theories offer a second theory which people are intrigued as it is an alternative and possibly extreme scenario.


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