Composite Image Editing & Colour Adjustment – Design Process

I took advantage of the gloomy, merky weather and visited the local resevior to gather images for my conspiracy of big cats in the wild. The vast open natural landscape made it a perfect scene in which to generate ideas. The mist was starting to become dense very quickly as darkness descended, so I hoped to get some interesting shots.

Why Black and White?

Designers commonly shoot in black and white today as it offers timless quality to the images. This is because we still remember the origins of photography, a throwback to the photographic past. In this instance, I think it adds an air of spookyness, whilst also enrapturing the mythical aspect. This “timeless” quality of black and white photograph, I think, lends itself to this particular image and perhaps a large portion of the book.

One of the best was this image. I think it really encaptures the spooky feeling im trying to get accross.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 11.49.19.png

Although the image is dark, I want to change the colouring to gain an infrared effect. This will make the image look as if it has been shot at night, and has “accidently” been captured.

I first created a new adjustment layer to black and white, moving the different colour channels to get the best black and white possible.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 11.56.35.png

I created a new layer and lightened the whole sky, as i think the small vignetting is slightly distracting from the image.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 11.58.32.png

I then used my illiustrator skills to create  the shape of the cat that I will blend into the landscape.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 11.59.32.png

I copied and pasted the vector and a smart object into photoshop, adjusting the scale of the cat and skewing the shape slightly to sit nicely accross the grass verge on the right of the image. I changed the blending mode and opacity to fit in with the “infared” effect.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 12.03.13.png

Although this is quite mysterious, I think its almost too obvious and the audience don’t have to search very far to find out what the animal is, so would be rejected quickly. To make sure the audience is really spooked and engaged, I added a motion blur to imply speed and also makes it harder to identify the  animal. Screenshot 2017-01-04 12.06.42.png

Just to add another sign for the audience to make them believe the image is genuine, I added a reflection in the water of the cat by flipping the shape and reducing the opacity in the water.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 12.10.57.png




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