Final Design – Fruit Factory

So here is my final artwork for the factory. We presented our ideas to 4 representatives of the company, just briefly outlining our idea and how it will work in their factory to encourage the staff to waste less. I produced a printed PDF, so the client could visualise the design, whilst also being able to make notes and take it away with them.


PDF: pdf_pride_process_print



I got pretty good feedback from the client. I think the photography caught their eye, however, they didn’t like the PDF, which on reflection I can understand why. I don’t think I fully understood the purpose of the document before designing it, and thought it was to create catching visual whilst bullet pointing the ideologies of the design. Although the image was nice, and the layout etc, the client would be taking that away, and it will be difficult for them to distinguish mine from everyone else. If I were to do that again, I would add more visuals, such as the final design, mock up, and make it more appealing.


I loved this project. I think because i’ve got experience in food photography, and recently bought a new camera, it’s reignited a real passion for this type of work. The clients were really helpful with their feedback, and have learnt so much on this task.


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