What Is a Conspiracy Theory?

To better understand the ideologies of conspiracy theories, and how I might stimulate debate amongst the public, whilst also exploring the origin of them.

Conspiracy Theories Defined: A belief that some covert but influential organisation is responsible for an unexplained event.

Theories and beliefs are a massive part of modern society. This is a small reflection on how conspiracy theories do exist and have done throughout history. The 21st century dictates that these theories are widespread, and that more factors are at work. This gives opportunities for understanding how people make sense of the world and how modern society functions.

An event that instantly spring to mind are the tragedy of 9/11, where a large portion of people didn’t believe the wide spread theory that terrorists destroyed the twin towers. I’ve watched Youtube videos that outline their arguments. Conspiracy theories are difficult to prove, however people producing these videos gather evidence and expert opinion to engage the audience and build a strong alternative opinion to what the government, the people in power, have told the wider public.



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