Brief Analysis – Conspiracy Theory

In this project, we are continuing with our options, where I chose photography exploring the historical approaches to photography and concepts within visual culture to produce a small illustrative souvenir book to be sold at The British Library. The library will be holding a large exhibition which explores how conspiracies, real or imagined, have shaped our culture and beliefs.

Initial thoughts are that the photography should be eye catching and stimulate debate amongst readers. The brief outlines that we should use a minimum of three high quality images, and should think imaginatively to and perhaps unusual to spark excitement and disbelief amongst the public.

We should document our design process in our blogs, and making sure we understand the role of the photographer, and the graphic designer to produce the book from scratch. We should reflect on the following learning outcomes to better understand the role of the photographer.


Subject specific:

(1) Developed an understanding of different historical approaches to photography and the historical and

cultural debates relevant to the medium.

(2) Explored concepts within visual culture in general and related these concepts to photography and

examined a range of photographic genres.

(3) Developed a knowledge of technological developments in photography.

(4) Created practical work relating to various concepts and genres of photography.

(5) Developed their skills of visual, written and oral communication.


(1) Gained knowledge by carrying out relevant research.

(2) Created practical work of a high professional standard using a range of photographic equipment,

techniques and materials.

(3) Taken part in discussion and expressed opinions upon and analysis of a range of topics.

(4) Evaluated their own work and the work of others in relation to concepts in photography.

Next I will explore conspiracy theories and how I might approach the audience through visual communication.


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