Preserving Shadows – Photoshop

A technique I learnt from my commercial experience with food photography was preservation of shadows. This adds depth to an object as opposed to being flat and simply cut out.

First, I made a path using the quick selection tool and mask to accurately cut around the fruit.

Screenshot 2016-11-27 20.33.32.png

I then hit cmd + J to copy the selection to a new transparent layer. I then duplicated the background layer and with the selection added, filled with white. Screenshot 2016-11-27 20.33.50.png

I then used a really soft brush to eliminate any dark areas other than the shadow definition on the fruit. I then copied the whole layer and created a new alpha channel.


I then created a new transparent layer, and went to load selection in the selection panel. Screenshot 2016-11-27 20.41.24.png

To add finish, i filled the selection with black, giving the illusion of shadow. I turned both the cut fruit layer and shadow layer on, moving the shadow below the fruit. I then saved as .PSD to preserve the transparency.

Screenshot 2016-11-27 20.44.08.png



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