Photography Planning

I’ve conducted research before going to the factory, which has enabled me to think about the type and style of photography I want to use in my final design.

My initial thoughts are to use portraiture photography to show the workers handling the fruit in the factory. I want to focus on the workers, however I need to think about the tone of voice of the shots. I don’t want it to come across negatively as the purpose of this project is to encourage the staff to waste less.

Another technique I’m considering is photo-montage. This will enable me to incorporate loads of interesting and dynamic images to best represent the process and the fruit. I want the workers to take pride in the work they do, and understand their importance to the final product getting to market.

I want to do some on site photography of the factory, to get a better sense of the type of work that is undertaken, and better understanding the wastage problem. I may try to incorporate shots of the process in action, however at this stage I’m not sure exactly how this will work. The more images I have to choose from, the more resources I will have to draw from in the design process.

One of the strengths I have developed over the last few years in my commercial work is studio photography. I love how you can get such stunning detail from using a macro lens and getting really up close and personal with the fruit. My initial thoughts lead me to use a clean white background, and let the vibrancy of the fruit speak for itself. This means shooting on a white continuous background. One other technique I may consider is the preservation of the shadow definition made when manipulating the light around the subject whilst shoot.


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