Following on from week one, where we began to collate ideas and then distill them down into a campaign idea to present. Our focus was to divert attention away from the monetary value of the fruit, and try to engage the workers with the product to encourage them to take more care when handling the fruit, therefore reducing waste.

To do this, we came up with a timeline idea, highlighting the distance and care the fruit has received to get to the workers. We wanted to also highlight that the workers are fundamentally important to getting the product to market. We produced visuals, and displayed them on a powerpoint presentation for the companies representatives.

The presentation went well. We spoke about the overall issue of the workers, and highlighting experiences in the group that had lead us to form the idea. We mentioned the high levels of staff turnover would make it difficult to get them to care about the product, but then presented our idea, approaching the issue from a different stance, that would tug on their human emotions.


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