Project X – Week 1

We were given a brief that will test our visual communication skills. We will be working with a specialist prepared fruit supplier whose objective is to supply fresh, tasty and innovative prepared fruit packs. They are a huge company, turning over £300m a year. However, the company has a huge problem with wastage, which is impacting on the final profits.

Representatives of our class visited the depot, to understand the problem they have, and experiencing the type of work that is undertaken there. They took images of the plant and fed back to the class.

From there presentation, I made some notes on the key points they raised from there experiences at the depot:

  • Agency workers – Lack of motivation, high staff turnover
  • Machinery causes wastage but is in the process of being replaced
  • Laborious work
  • Cold conditions
  • Minimum wage work
  • Large open spaces
  • Large blank walls

We were put into small groups and asked to think of ideas that could visually stimulate the workers into caring about what they do. At this stage, it was all conceptual, with discussions amongst the group and sketched ideas. There were a broad spectrum of ideas within our group, however we identified that our tone of voice should be soft and gentle, with empathy to the workers but with a clear message, don’t waste.

We watched a presentation designed by the company to try to show the workers they are having on the company, highlighting the profits issue when fruit is wasted and dropped on the floor. I understand why they would do this, however the workers aren’t directly interested in the overall profits of the company as they will only be there for a very short time. I thought this was important to consider when our message is developed.

Company reps will be visiting on Monday 14th of November to have a look at our proposals and ideas, so we will have to quickly gather ideas and turn them into quick visuals to present to them before taking direction after all the ideas are presented.

One idea that we all agreed on was highlighting the journey and distance the fruit has travelled, to just then be wasted because of carelessness. This would address the problem from a different angle other than bottom line profit. It engages the worker and tugs on there emotional heart strings, as they are human and appreciate the problem in a very realistic visual.



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