Justin Sane Initial Sketches

Before jumping in to the digital design, I sketched out all my ideas, thinking about how I might summarise my Celebrities ideologies in symbolic and iconic sign.

I conducted research into the punk genre which can be seen in previous posts, looking and Justin’s website as well as his music to draw inspiration from. I produced this mind map making clear my thought processes.


I then began to sketch out my initial ideas, thinking about the composition of type and imagery to create a logo. Although some of my ideas were lacking a polished finish, I felt this was a great exercise to introduce “Intelligent Fast Failure” meaning I was able to dismiss anything that wasn’t working quickly and having a clear vision moving forward onto the next stage.


I particularly liked the idea of using the mohawk hair style, as Justin himself wears his hair in that style. I also like the idea of using modern street art, and want to try and incorporate this into the design in some way. There is nothing subtle about Justin Sane’s music, and I think this should be shown in the choice of typeface, symbol/icon, and colour scheme.


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