Initial Thoughts and Ideas – Self Branding

I started by thinking about how I want to display myself to the design world aswell potential future clients. I also needed to think about how I might symbolise and summerize my personality in a small, simple yet impactful way. Below is a mind map I produced demonstrating my thought process.

One particular aspect of design I love is photography and feel this should feature prominently in my logo. I thought about the key compents that make photography possible. I sketched ideas in order to visulise quickly and clearly.

 Something that stood out for me was apeture. I love the design element of the shutter of thr camera. The blades have such a dynamic look to them, and is quite easily recognised by fellow photographers and designers.

After finishing my celebrity branding, I learnt how difficult it is to design and align with irregular shapes. I felt these strong geometric shapes such as the circle and polygon, will align well with text and give structure and order to the design. 

I started to sketch out layouts of texts and how they may look on a business card. This was a great exersize as I could quickly see what would and wouldnt work. I thought about typefaces I may use, justifying why and where im using them.


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