Styles of Business Cards

I wanted to look at different styles of business card to generate ideas on the layout and design, and how all the different elements can be displayed clearly and systematically.

I really like the styling used below. The logo is in a street graffiti style, which has connotations of rebellion and  contradiction to societies beliefs. To add contrast, the designer has used a bold, contemporary sans serif typeface, and uses block capitals which is something that I haven’t seen before. Usually, the informative parts of information and displayed in a serif typeface to improve readability and connote formality.


I chose to look at this design for its simplicity and and colour scheme. It shouts class, elegance, money, and power. I love the contrast between black white and gold, and the sharp sans serif typeface used for the logo. The layout on the back in clean and sharp, and a grid can clearly be seen in the underlying structure of the design, using the rule of thirds to divide the foiled F on the left. The logo is given a small section of the card, but plenty of negative space around stretching vertically. This gives balance to the card and allows the recipient to quickly grab the relevant information about the company and the representative. I also live the contrast between the bold san serif at the top of the card highlighting the name, and the typewriter font for the other information.


This is an example of something I want to avoid. Although the design of the business card is effective with the disintegration effect on the text, I feel the typeface lacks readability, and therefore the recipient really has to search to read the words.


I also looked a


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