Digital Logo Design – Justin Sane

After sketching out a some initial ideas, I picked my favourite which was using a mohican which is synonymous with the Celebrity and the genre punk. I started by drawing a half skull to get the shape of the head using the pen tool. I then started to draw the hair in the shape of a mohican. I added extrude and bevel to give the design another dimension. This added a light and shadow effect with I felt enhanced the design and made it pop out of the page. Below is a screen shot of my art board:

Screenshot 2016-10-07 11.59.37.png

As you can see, I played around with a variety of different colours. My initial thought process lead me to try and make the design “Americanised” using their famous colours of red white and blue. However, When I tried this out, I felt it looked too British, and although their was a massive punk scene in Britain, that’s not where my celebrity is from, and therefore the message may get confused. So then I started to think about what colours I would associate with punk. Red and black initially sprung to mind, with connotations of darkness, blood, and horror. However, after looking back at my research, I felt my character wasn’t very “gothic” and sung more about social issues such as war and government. I then thought about black and pink. It feels very “spunky” and gives a touch of feminism. The two colours contrast well together and would certainly catch the eye. Everyone with an interest in punk will instantly recognise the colour combination and be attracted.

Typeface Choices

I considered the following typefaces in my design, and I will explain my reasoning for choosing each one:

  • Ruthless Dripping One – A graffiti typeface with a dripping effect. I chose to look at this for its rebellious connotations. Although to an artist it may be interpreted as street art, society looks negatively as it is seen to be ugly and defacing public property.
  • Blood Lust – I rejected this typeface as I felt it was to gory. My character sings about quite dark subjects, however his music is very much in the punk genre, not the gothic side.
  • PunkBoy – I liked this typeface right from the start. It has a very irregular style, as if someone has very crudely painted on a wall with blood. It has strong punk connotations, staying informal yet easily readable.
  • Folk Solid – I quite liked this typeface originally, however after further thought I thought it was too modiste for someone so outspoken.
  • Alfa Slab One – I looked at this typeface whilst thinking along the lines of America. It has that varsity college feel to it, which is the demographic Justin Sane mainly targets. However, I didn’t like how blocky the text felt. It was too rigid for a punk artist.
  • Lino Writer – I quickly dismissed this typeface. I was thinking along the military connotations of the music produced by Justin Sane, however I don’t think it has a very strong message and the typeface isn’t very impactful to the audience.


Screenshot 2016-10-07 12.30.36.png

I chose to start working with Punk boy, trying different variations to find the best combinationscreenshot-2016-10-07-12-57-36screenshot-2016-10-07-11-50-32

I then went on to develop the idea further, by trying to add shape by warping the text slightly to the shape of the head within the mohican. I also tried different strokes on the text to give a warn and painted effect, again linking to the punk theme.

Here is the final design. I think the informality of the script like typeface lends well to the punk genre. I added a small stroke to make the design look more messy as if it had been painted very quickly and roughly.

I will next look at how I will layout my compliment slip, business card and letterhead.



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