The Social Dimension of Brands

In recent years, it has been evident that consumers are bothered by the what company’s are seen to be doing to our planet, and society. It was previously thought by companies that a positive social impact would lead to poor profit and therefore would put them off bothering to care. However in recent times, disasters such as the BP oil spill and the leahman brothers crashing, has warped consumer opinion. They do care, and brands such as BP really had to work hard to maintain a positive social commercial impact. The model below shows the cycle of how a positive social impact can attract consumers and drive innovation. This can then be returned into sustained purpose, driving efficiency and attracting capital.


Brands can also help employees minimise the damage the company does and to build up human and natural resources. In part, Innocent chose their name so they could be help accountable if it ever did anything wrong. Wikipedia has 80,000 unpaid workers, as they add content to make up a huge resource for humans with 4.6 million article in the English version alone.

So to conclude, I have found this useful for my own branding project to understand that a brand is more than just a logo. They have social responsibilities as well as being profitable. They tug on our heart strings and always want to be seen positive in every light. This positive image is something that need to be thought about in not just this project, but for every future project. How will the consumer perceive the content I put out there for a particular brand?


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