Brands Make Us Buy…

I found another great resource on how brands make us buy. This will help me understand further how a brand can manipulate its intended audience to “sell” its self. In my case, I will be selling myself, and Justin Sane.

If my brand wants to understand consumer activity and behaviors, I will have to understand the motivations behind that behaviour. At a basic level, a brand will help us in many functional ways, for example, we eat a sandwich to satisfy our hunger. However, on a more complex level, they need to satisfy our “higher-order needs” or phycosocial needs. These are things like love, belonging, achievement. They play on our emotions and and identify interests.

For example, Nike is associated with winners, and this is evident in there strapline “Just Do It”. Another example would be T-Mobile, who are all about affiliation and belonging, as there in telecommunications business, they want to associate with connecting people. Their strapline is “Life Is For Sharing”.

So to conclude, those brands that seek to please our physcosocial needs will in tern win our custom. Consumer behavior is a very complex issue, and to sucessfully devlope a brand, they must understand how to manipulate our emotional needs to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.


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