Wolff Olins

I thought a good place to start my wider research would be to look at how successful branding companies systematically work to produce a brand that means something to its intended audience.

Wolff Olins take a radically different approach to solving big problems. I looked at their website and looked at the work they have produced for various different recognisable brands.


Orange came into the marketplace with a vary human feeling to the customer. They aimed to deliver a more personal service in a very technical driven market. They identified that other companies were almost robotic, and didn’t give the personal experience and care that the customer was begging for.

We as humans, love to be listened to, and this was the fundamental thinking behind the Orange rebrand. Telecoms companies have a perception of being robots not human. To find out what is essential in life to people, Orange made a video, asking people what they would change at the click of a button. Essentially, they are subtly asking what they deem most important in their lives. This field research enabled them to distill what the principles of the listening experience were. They identified six factors: home, work, money, wellbeing, fun and family.

Wolff Olins showed each factor by first, showing a first person insight into what it might means to the customer, and then what products and services Orange offers that the customer can relate. For example, fun can be shown by a first person view of a concert, and orange offers games, scary movie nights, and cheap concert tickets. The perception, customers feel like their needs are being listened to with empathy from Orange.




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