Branding Research – What is a brand

In the next series of posts, I wish to demonstrate my development of knowledge of branding, understanding the key concepts in order to improve my final designs for the project.

I enrolled on the future learn course named “The Secret Power of Brands”. I will use this almost like a library of resources.

Definition of Brand: A name, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. A brand may identify one item, or a group of items from that seller. The legal term for a brand is trademark.

American Marketing Association


Brand = What it stands for

The perception of the brand from the wider world is what will make a brand stand out. Clear ideologies within the brand will make up a perception within the marketplace, enabling the brand to stand out.

For example:

People associate Disney with family fun due to its comic characters and vibrant colours.

Apple stands for intuitive design. Of course everyone knows the Apple logo, and this simple design can be associated with innovation and technology.

The BBC in a lot of places stands for authority, as they present the British governments ideologies through media.

I simpler understanding of the definition of a brand is the set of ideas a company or product stands for in people’s minds. Its shaped by that company or product’s actions and recognised through a visual and verbal style.

However, its not just a one way system where the brand controls the meaning to the consumer. The consumer also interprets the meaning of the brand in a social context, stimulating thoughts and discussions to form a perception to the consumer.


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