Punk Genre Research – Celebrity Branding

After gaining a better understanding of my Celebrity’s personality and music genre, I decided to conduct further research in to punk in both America and the UK.

Punk evolved in the 1970’s, which provided the music lovers with something they missed in the 60’s, danger. The genre took over from the hippie music from the previous decade, purposely promoting violence, sex and destruction. The world had never experienced such loud and in your face music, providing a culture shock that would be felt worldwide.

The first breakthrough came in the 60’s with bands such as Iggy & The Stooges and MC5. Loud, direct, and in your face, the audiences loved the ideology of rebelling against society. In America, the first movement in the punk world came from Detroit, however, the revolution grew out of two cities on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

One of the most influential clubs of the era sprung out of New York, CBGB. It was here that bands such as Television, Dead Boys, and Blondie were given their first real break. However, out of all the bands to come out of CBGB, the Ramones were the essence of punk.



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