Justin Sane Research

Initially, I did a quick google search of Justin Sane to gather a little background on him.

Key Points

  • Lead guitarist of band “Anti-Flag”
  • Singer / songwriter
  • Genre – Punk Rock
  • Nationality – American
  • Formed in 1988 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Hold dual citizenship in Ireland and US

After finding out he works in the music industry, I sampled some of his music from youtube to draw further understanding of the character I’m about to brand.


This music video below showed another dimension to the band. They use their music to address some very left wing issues in a very loud and angry fashion. These include social & political issues such as drugs, war, guns. A lot of their music is directly aimed to mock the high society, such as the corporations, government, and people in power. The message at the end of the video was “What are we going to do about the U.S.A.” and that basically sums up the ideologies of the band.

It suddenly clicked after listening to a few tracks that the name of the band “Anti-Flag” is also a reference to disliking America and its morals, appealing to a younger audience where reform and revolution within America can occur for future generations.

Again, this track addresses the issue of guns in America. “1 Trillion Dollars”, the title of the track, is the size of the arms market across the world. The lyrics “1 trillion dollars, could buy almost anything” is basically the idea of the song. Is there really a need for all the suffering guns cause when the money could buy anything else positive to the world.

I picked this video partly because of the interesting opening image. It shows a group of punk rockers erecting an upside down American flag. I learnt in our previous zine project, reversing the orientation of an image can give conotiontions of revolution. Again, this ties in with the bands ethical and moral slant on the punk genre.



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