Summer Brief Introduction & Analysis

At the end of year one, we were given a brief to keep our mind stimulated during the lengthy summer period.

“Over the summer you will need to keep rehearsing your skills or you may find yourself getting stale. This project will allow you to do this while choosing topics that suit you. Please note that the module that you are beginning is a year two module, so while it may seem similar you are expected to up the standard and level of your engagement.”

This has really rung true with me. This year I want to up my engagement, and focus of producing some really interesting and exciting work that will result in strengthening my portfolio.

We are tasked to produce four double page spreads on topics of our own choice. The spreads don’t necessarily have to be linked, but we must take the measurements of a magazine and work to those specifications. We must then present with the spreads inserted into the magazine. We should use mainly our own imagery and wording, however we may use found images and text to supplement if necessary.

My next step is to brainstorm events and photographic opportunities during the summer, whilst also thinking about previous projects that I may draw inspiration from and possibly use images taken previously.


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