Caligram: Design Process Design 2

I decided to pick a character from a cartoon for the shape to fit/warp my text into. The first cartoon that came to mind was The Simpsons, which featured prominently in my house growing up. Not only that, but the characters are made up of very easy geometric shapes that aren’t difficult to get correct, and also meaning the text would be easy to display as there wont be loads of detailed and textured elements. The obvious choice for me was Homer Simpson, who in my eyes, was the best and funniest character. I also was able to find loads of great quotes online for this particular character, and the shapes that make his body would hold the text well.

My Target Demographic

I watched The Simpsons from a very early age and it was a big part of my childhood. Although The Simpsons used to be a children’s cartoon, I think it has grown bigger than that, and more adults are enjoying the show. In terms of my design, I think this should be reflected in the choice of typeface I choose, making sure I appeal to a wide demographic. To achieve this, I looked at the typefaces used within The Simpsons, such as the logo, “duff beer”




Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.48.16.png

I started by listing all the quotes, catchphrases, names, places, and characters I could think of.Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.34.03.png

I then went onto producing a thumbnail of ideas for the typography and layout of the type, explaining why they may or may not work well, and why I may choose different typefaces for different areas of the body.


I feel this process has given me a great platform in which to experiment in illustrator. I now have a great understanding which typefaces I want to target in the design and where, though I am aware that these choices may change in the digital design process. I hope to use the warp with mesh function to achieve the shape of homer, and hopefully will stimulate the Simpson lovers out there in the design community!


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