Design Process – Design 1

After conducting my initial research, I sat down with a pencil and sketchbook and thought about what path I wanted to go down, and what the purpose of the design is.

I started by focusing on love. People are fascinated with the topic, and there are so many different forms of media that evoke the feeling such as music, literature, advertising, and posters.


I made a list of all the key signifiers surrounding the topic of love:

  • Heart
  • Pink & Red (colour)
  • Emotion
  • Roses/Flowers
  • Embrace/Hug
  • Kissing/Lips

This list was the initial part of the design process, thinking about how they might work in a design context.

From my initial research, I decided to produce a poster that could be hung in a young girls bedroom. This type of design has boomed in recent years.


Love is a very personal and private emotion, and this should be reflected in my choice of typefaces. Script fonts are predominantly used in this kind of design. This is to give a more personal touch to the design, and also the thin strokes usually seen in script fonts makes it a great typeface to pair with something more rigid and bold, such as a Egyptian or sans serif typeface. I will explore different variations of typefaces in a separate blog post.


I looked at various different love posters to gather inspiration for my own design. Here are just a few that I looked at. They all have signifiers to love such as a heart and eternity sign. The typefaces used are contrasting from fluid script fonts to bold serif and san serif typefaces. love1love2love3love4

The Final Design

Design 1.jpg


I like the design and the use of typefaces. They contrast and compliment each other, but also have connotations of love with the use of script typefaces. This is just one design, howvever I want to produce something a little more interesting and different for my final typographic poster for year 1, that demonstrates my abilities with adobe and my typographic


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