Research Into Typographic Posters

The initial part of my design process involves looking at other typographic posters to draw inspiration from and form my own ideas for my design. In this blog post I want to dissect what works well in the designs and in particular, the typeface choices and how the effectively visually represent the theme.

in the design below the text has been arranged in a rectangular block running vertically down the page. There is a mix of large sans serif typefaces, that is evident in the word “books”, Egyptian in varying weights, and a calligraphy used for very small, unimportant text, and used in a decorative fashion. The typefaces marry together nicely, and they all relate to reading books.


The whale below has text warped to the shape of animal. This is a technique that I’m particularly interested in. Calligrams are a fun way to make the text more interesting and visually stimulate the reader. There are many different typefaces used, from caligraphy fonts to egyptian. The feel of the design is very nautical yet informal, so could be used for a book cover targeted at a younger demographic.


This calligram design has a punk/gothic feel to it, using the colours black and pink to signify this. The typefaces used in the body of the shoe have an aged feel to them. There are sharp serifs and small embellishments within some of the characters to give this medieval punk feeling. This is then combined with a calligraphy typeface in the sole to add contrast to the design.



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