Planning My Photography

After picking my chosen topic, I started to think about what places might be appealing and visually stimulating. Some of the places included the following.

  • Brenchley view point – A spot hidden away in the countryside overlooking Kent as far as the eye can see. The scale and width of the scenery lend itself well to panoramic photography or using a wide angled lens to get the whole view in.
  • Matfield Green – A great communal green with a beautiful pond. On a bright calm day, the reflection from the water on the pond gives a peaceful, calm feeling.
  • Bluebell Woods – At this time of year, there are plenty of bluebells around, adding vibrant shades of purple to a usually green and brown environment. This is a signifier for spring, as the UK gears itself for summer and the weather begins to improve and there is more natural light around.
  • View behind work – The office I work in backs onto a stunning rural landscape of ploughed fields, churches, and forestry. This is an environment I’m around every day, and feel like it is of interest to my audience.

When choosing my locations I ideally want to get one that:

  • Says something about my subject
  • Adds interest to the shot
  • Not overpowering – The location can distract from the purpose of the design, and therefore should be considered when selecting and rejecting.

Camera Settings

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to camera settings. It simply depends on the the effect i’m trying to achieve. A small aperture, (larger numbers) may be more appropriate as not only the foreground, but the background will be in focus. This gives the environment prominence in the shot, which is perfect for the purpose of my double page spreads. However, it all depends on the scene. There may be elements that I might like to focus on, and there for the background will have less impact, and work almost as a beautiful backdrop to the main focus.




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