Photography So Far…

After conducting my research into camera settings and photography of natural environments, I went out with my camera and visited the places of interest stated in my previous post.

I shot this picture at Dunorlan park in Tunbridge Wells. The sun was shining with bright blue sky’s, and as its spring, every shade of green imaginable. I tried to implement the fibonacci spiral, using the boat at the bottom as the main focus point, and then leading the audience to the rest of the image. This technique has been use for centuries and allows the audience to read the picture in the most logical way. I used a higher aperture value to ensure the whole image was in focus, and a relatively high shutter speed so the moving peddle boat was in focus and didn’t blur. I light is shining from behind the boat, meaning the boat is cast in shadow. I did this so the audience was distracted by the boat, as the main focus of the image is the landscape. The boat is just an addition to the scene which adds interest.



I took this picture in a field behind my house using a macro lens to get crystal clear detail of the small flower close up. I used a small fstop value so only the flower was in focus, and the natural foreground is out of focus. I like this image, however, I think the the composition could be better to aid the audience. Flower1



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