Grids – Golden Section

As part of my research towards double page spreads, I looked at various resources that directed me to learn more about “the golden section”.

The golden section is the relationship between two numbers that has been used in western architecture for thousands of years.

The formula: a:b =b : (a+b).

This means the smaller of the two elements relates to the larger element in the same way that the larger element relates to the two parts combined. In ratio terms, the golden section is 1:1.618.

Single Column Grid

Magazines should be designed as spreads, otherwise known as facing pages. The two-page spread is the main unit of the design. The left and right margins are become the inside and outside margins.

Multicolumn Grid

Single column grids work well for simple documents, multicolumn grids provide versatile formats for publications that have a complex hierarchy that have text and illustrations.


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