Environmental Photography Research

Before taking my image, I wanted to look at other photographers environmental photography to find out what techniques they are using, what effects they are achieving, and how that photography fits the purpose.

This image strikes the audience. The otter in the foreground is in sharpe focus, with the background, or natural environment, is out of focus. This has been achieved by using a shallow depth of field, a high shutter speed to minimise blur, as the otter is like to be in motion, and a small f-stop or aperture value such as f14.


This image has been shot with a high aperture value to ensure that the whole image is in focus. The eye is drawn to the closest tree, positioned to the left of the image. The clever composition means that the eye is naturally drawn to “the golden section” where the eye naturally follows and has the most impact.


This image focuses on the foreground of the image, with a small child digging a whole in the bottom third of the image. The boy almost looks hidden due to the contrast between black and white, and his dark skin. His white features such as his eyes, teeth, and reflection stand out. The photographer has purposely chosen the black and white to show how bleak the landscape. They have also used the golden section to draw the attention of the boy as the main focal point.


This image is a good example of how the manipulation of shutter speeds can add effect to the end result. The image shows a rocky landscape with an individual tree position just above the central horizontal axis. The clouds above are blurred due to the slow shutter speed time, and I think this has been done to give the illusion of time standing still as the tree is left dormant and lonely. The image has been shot with a high fstop value so the whole image is in focus. The image has a dark, gloomy feel to it, so the amount of light needed to expose the image properly means that the shutter speed will be slow, thus creating the effect of the moving clouds and still rocky landscape.


To conclude, I feel like I have learnt a great deal about how to correctly expose images using the three tools, shutter speed, iso, and aperture, and use these three tools together to create effects and impactful imagery. This will be useful when taking my images for my double page spreads.




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